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Carbide Processors first product was saw tips that stayed on the saw blades. We did this for Weyerhaeuser Timber and then we did it for everybody else. After saw blades it was router bits and after router bits it just exploded into hand tools, oscillating blades, Router tables, all sorts of standard and custom tools. We currently have over 23,000 products in our online store with a wide selection from your favorite brands: Woodpecker tools, Popular Tools, Tenryu, Southeast, Whiteside router bits, Wiha, Felo, Bondhus and more!

I have always tried to run the company in a manner that would make my German father proud. That means excellent quality, fair prices, honesty, keeping promises and always doing your best now; followed by doing better later.

Thanks for visiting our website,
Tom Walz

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"I used to manage retail, and it is service like this that sets stores apart. I will give your place first crack at any of my future business. Not because of a free ruler, but because you took the time to investigate an issue and then went out of your way to do something nice to those of us involved. That is how I used to run my store and I thought that kind of attitude was gone. Glad to see it is still alive." - Thanks again, Tim

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