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Carbide Saw Tips




NEW! Live Saw Tip Inventory By Size!


We have spent a lot of time and money to lower the price of carbide saw tips while still selling only top-quality material. We have listed a couple hundred of our best-selling items to get started. If you would like to see us list something else please let us know.

We offer a large range of sizes of carbide saw tips in several different grades.   Choose a C2/C3 grade for applications where you need a carbide saw tip that is tougher than the traditional C-2 grade, but with better wear properties than a traditional C-3 grade. Choose C3 grade for applications that require a middle grade with an edge toward better wear. Our N-10 or nail cutting grade carbide saw tips are excellent for abusive applications such as flooring removal, pallet mills beetle killed lumber and similar applications. Our most popular grade is our Super C ®.  It has the toughness of a C1 with the wear properties of a C3.  It is an excellent choice for a retipping general purpose saw blades including aluminum cutting blades. All of our saw tips are pretinned with 50% silver, cadmium free braze alloy.


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