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Gunsmith Supplies

Gunsmith supplies for gunsmiths and hobbyists.  We now offer silver solder or braze alloy for gunsmithing.  This is a silver Braze alloy that matches to stainless steel and melts at lower temperatures.  We also offer purified flux and small parts industrial strength bags for storage. 

The gunsmithing braze alloy (bag-7 or 355 silver) comes in both ribbon and wire form.  This is a special silver alloy that works well for gunsmithing because of it's color matching qualities and it's lower melting point.  This braze alloy contains 56% silver and the rest is copper and zinc.  It is very nickel compatible.  It will alloy with the nickel to create a very strong joint. See more information on our silver solder for gunsmithing including melting pionts, other uses, insturctions on brazing with it and a video.

We also offer several different options for flux ranging from black flux to our Mega purified flux wich aids in the brazing process. 

Our small parts industrial strength storage bags are ideal for storing small parts and are very resistant to tearing and breaking. 

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