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Carbide Processors Guarantee

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Carbide Processors Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Return anything purchased from us at any time if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from Carbide Processors that is not completely satisfactory.

We have been doing it this way since 1981 and we feel it is the only way to run a business.


Thomas J. Walz


How We Keep Promises

untitled-scanned-01.jpgThis is a picture of the Whiteside double roundover router bit set with adjustable cutting length.

It is a cool router bit and very handy. It saves a lot of money over buying different double roundover router bits in different sizes. It makes cutting double roundovers a lot easier, faster, with more certain results than cutting each side separately. If you are good you can cut each site separately and get beautiful results but this still makes it easier and faster.

Anyway we had it listed on our website and, unfortunately, we showed the whole unit but the price was for just one cutter.  We got a call from a customer who asked if our price was right.  We checked, told him that the price was wrong but he could have it anyway. Then we corrected the price on our website.

My dad was a big believer in keeping your promises. He didn't cut me any slack when I made a mistake and made a promise I should not have.

50 years later I am still using that philosophy in the business.  If we make a mistake in price on our website, and it has happened more than once, we will honor that price.

We have put up 10 packs of hex keys but priced them based on the price for a single hex key so we sold better than $200 worth of hex keys from little over $20.  We have dropped decimal points, gotten prices switched on products and made other mistakes. In each and every case we have had a customer point it out to us and we have honored the lower price.

In all fairness to the IT people, I have to point out that they do an exceptionally good job. We have had very, very few mistakes considering we have over 12,000 products up.

So if you're cruising our website and see a price that is way too low go ahead and order, we’ll make it good.  We do reserve the right to correct the price immediately, though.