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Meet the Staff

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Meet the Staff

Meet the staff at Carbide Processors! We are a small business that began in 1981 pretining carbide saw tips in Tom's garage. Over 30 years later we still pride ourselves on selling superior quality tools at competitive prices. Let us help you with our extensive knowledge in the carbide, saw blade and woodworking industry.

Tom Walz



Jo Lawson    

Business Manager




5 kids & 13 grandkids. 

Likes camping, fishing and general outdoor stuff.

Adopted a city park, does beach cleanups (shown left).  Always seen with an old Golden Retriever. 





Is the mother of 4 children- 3 girls & 1 boy.

She enjoys any and all outdoor activities, especially running and kayaking.

Her passion in life is loving her beautiful children


the Dog


Tom rescued her...or vice-versa.

Lucy is a very quiet dog with a gentle spirit.

Her favorite hobbies include long naps, food, getting petted & following Tom everywhere.