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Saw Blades



If you need a 10" table saw blade, a circle saw blade for miter cutting or a round saw blade for industrial applications, chances are we have a blade for you.  If you can't find just the right blade you need, let us make it for you.  We specialize in custom tooling and custom carbide saw blades.  Let us quote you on one of our Custom Saw Blades or Call 800-346-8274 for a Quote.

Saw Blades by Carbide Processors

At Carbide Processors we primarily sell four different brands of saw blades:

  • Our Own World's Best Cermet II Tipped Saw Blades - Each One Custom Built To Order
  • Tenryu
  • Popular Tools
  • Oshlun

We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from Saw blade manufacturers that make the absolute best saw blades. We do all the research so that we can bring you the best carbide saw blades crafted with the finest steel plate, carbide tips, and braze alloy.  See our article about making carbide saw blades for more information on the quality of the products used and the meticulousness of the prduction process that goes into making the carbide saw blades we sell.

We chose these 4 different saw blades to try to encompass and cater to the needs of all woodworkers.

World's Best saw blades are a great investment for the saw shops and woodworkers who give their blades a lot of use and abuse.  Our custom built saw blades will save you hundreds in sharpening and retipping fees. These are an exceptional blade that use a special patented Cermet II material for tipping.  The special tips allow the World's Best saw blades to last longer, resist breakage, stay cooler, and cut faster and cleaner. Take a look at the user reviews - many boast that it's the best saw blade that they have ever used.

Tenryu blades are just incredible. Our engineering department considers them the finest production, mass market blades made. We have tested these in small and large cabinet shops and they are far and away preferred over any other mass market blade.

Popular Tools is a newly added line of saw blades to our website and are great blades with a large selection. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and for those 10 years they have focused on the industrial side of the market. Their target market has been professional level saw shops. Popular Tools has developed a reputation for extremely high quality at extremely reasonable prices. Not only is there quality extremely high but their quality is extremely high every time, every blade and every application

  • For more information on our custom made World's Best Cermet II tipped saw blades Contact Us

  • Most saw blades work well with materials/machines other than those listed. Please consult the manufacturers catalog by clicking a link below for complete saw blade application guides.

Popular Tools Saw Blades Catalog

Popular Tools Catalog

Tenryu Saw Blades Catalog

Tenryu Catalog

Oshlun Catalog

Oshlun Catalog

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