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Bit Sets


Choose from Wera's Bit Checks, Bit Safes, tap and die sets or Wera's combination drilling, countersinking, and screwdriving sets. Most bit sets include 25mm insert bits with a quick-release bit holder for use in power tools. Sets without a bit holder include 50mm power bits.

Bit-Checks and Mini-Checks: Compact bit sets that include an opening mechanism which can be operated with just one hand, making bit removal extremely convenient.

Bit-Safes: Larger sets that include a comprehensive range of tailor-made tools stored in a well-arranged and compact format. The bits are arranged according to tip style and size for rapid bit selection, making work faster and simpler. The practical design of the compact Bit-Safe makes it easy to remove tools.

Wera combines the most important tools for drilling, countersinking and screwdriving in a single range in their combination sets.


BDC- BiTorsion, Diamond Coated Bits

IMP DC- Impaktor, Diamond Coated Bits

Z- Extra Tough Bits for Hard Materials such as sheet steel and metal

TZ- Z Bits (Extra Tough Bits) with a Torsion Zone

BTZ- Z bits (Extra Tough Bits) with a BiTorsion Zone

TH- H bits (Extra Hard Bits for semi-hard materials such as wood) with a Torsion Zone 

PiecesBit HolderPhillipsPozidrivTorxTorx IPSlottedHexSquarePart #
6 Rapidaptor     BDC         05056372003
6 Rapidaptor BDC       BDC     05135956003
6 Quick-Release       Z       05056158004
6 Quick-Release           Z   05056168004
6 None IMP DC             05057691002
6 None IMP DC   IMP DC       IMP DC 05057696002
6 None     Z         05056472002
6 None TZ       Z   Z 05056475002
6 Universal Z Z     Z     05056295004
6 Universal   Z           05056296003
6 None TZ             05056470002
6 Universal Z       Z     05300360003
6 Universal     Z         05056294003
6 Universal Z       Z   Z 05340322001
9 Impaktor IMP DC             05057686002
9 Impaktor IMP DC IMP DC IMP DC       IMP DC 05057687002
9 Impaktor IMP DC   IMP DC         05057682002
9 Rapidaptor BTZ       BTZ     05135957002
9 Rapidaptor TZ TZ     TZ     05056375004
9 Rapidaptor RM TZ       TZ   Z 05346291002
9 Rapidaptor RM TH             05346292002
9 Quick-Release TZ       TZ   Z 05347155002
9 Quick-Release TZ TZ     TZ     05056161006
9 Quick-Release   TH           05056163004
9 Universal TZ TZ     TZ     05056159003
9 Quick-Release     TZ         05056164003
30 Rapidaptor RM TZ TH TZ         05056441002
30 Rapidaptor BTZ BTZ BTZ         05056442002
30 Rapidaptor TZ TH TZ Z TZ Z   05056440004
31 Quick-Release TZ TZ TZ   TZ Z   05056166002
31 Universal Z Z Z   Z Z   05057126002
31 Universal Z Z Z         05057125002
61 Quick-Release Z Z Z         05057131002
61 Quick-Release Z Z Z   Z Z   05057134002
61 Universal Z Z Z   Z Z   05057127002
61 Universal Z Z Z         05057128002


Specialty Sets

PiecesContentsPart #
7 Tap Set, 3mm-10mm 05104654002
8 1-Flute Countersink Bit Set, 6.3-20mm 05104655002
8 3-Flute Countersink Bit Set, 6.3-20mm 05104650002
7 Combination Tap/Drill Bit Set, 2.5mm-6.4mm 05104651002
18 Twist Drill / Insert Bit Set for Wood, 3-8mm, PZ, TX 05104652002
19 Twist Drill / Insert Bit Set for Metal, 3-8mm, PH, TX 05104653002