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Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blades


Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blades

These Tenryu Heavy Metal  Plus Series Saw Blades are an evolution of the Heavy Metal Series.  They are specifically designed with cermet teeth for cutting heavy gauge ferrouse metals.  The new heavy metal Plus series feature a special cermet tip and are designed for quick cutting and a long cut-life, especially in heavier mild steel and profiles and plate.  The cermet tip allows the saws to cut heavier steel without heat build-up.

Ideal for:

  • Industrial Staircases, railings, mezzanines, platforms, grating, trailers, strut, etc
  • Rigging, oil field services equipment
  • Plant and equipment maintenance and Repair

The Thin kerf design paired with the lower tooth count for effortless cutting make these Heavy Metal blades ideal for thick-wall mild steel.

This Hevy Metal Plus series features specially engineered alloy cutting tip which further extends the cut-life, while ensuring smooth cuts in heavy load applications.  They are specifically designed with thin kerf plate, triple-chip grind and modified triple-chip grind tooth geometries, making them well suited for job-site and shop applications.


HMC-18036BW 7" 36 20mm MTCG .073" 0 1/8 - 1/4" Wall Thickness, 4000 Max RPMs
HMC-18536BW 7- 1/4" 36 5/8" MTCG .073" 0 1/8 - 1/4" Wall Thickness, 4800 Max RPMs
HMC-20342DM 8" 42 5/8" TCG .065" -5 1/8 - 1/4" Wall Thickness, 4300 Max RPMs
HMC-20342BW 8" 42 5/8" MTCG .073" 0 1/8" or thicker stock, 4300 Max RPMs
HMC-23048BW 9" 48 1" MTCG .073" 0 1/8" or thicker stock, 3000 Max RPMs
HMC-30554DX 12" 54 1" MTCG .087" 2 1/8 - 1/4" Wall Thickness, 2000 Max RPMs
HMC-35566DX 14" 66 1" MTCG .087" 2 1/8 - 1/4" Wall Thickness, 1800 Max RPMs

Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Reviews:

“We manufacture custom trailers, and frequently cut 1 ¼” flat bar and 3”x6” rectangular tubing. We recently began using the Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus blade and saw an immediate increase in cut life of four times what we had been experiencing with the carbide-tipped Tenryu Heavy Metal blade. We will be using these blades from now on!” Rick Davis Lead Fabricator Bohnenkamp Whitewater Customs