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Steel-Pro Saw Blade, 9" Dia, 48T, 0.087" Kerf, 1" Arbor, Tenryu PRF-23048CBN

  • Steel-Pro Saw Blade, 9" Dia, 48T, 0.087" Kerf, 1" Arbor, Tenryu PRF-23048CBN
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Product Description

STEEL-PRO Saw Blades PRF-23048CBN. 9" Dia., 48 Teeth, 1" Arbor, ATB Grind, .087" Kerf, 0 Degree Rake. For up to 1/8 thick steel on the Evolution Saw. *These blades are for use on low RPM dry-cut chop saws only.

Tenryu's Steel cutting saw blades cut ferrous metals faster, cleaner, and easier. Tenryu's Steel Pro series saw blades are great for cutting all types of mild steel such as: steel studs, steel sheet, steel pipe, channel, threaded rod, and much more. Tenryu uses specially formulated C-6 grade carbide tips with a unique design that resists breakage on impact and lasts much longer than standard carbide grades. Tenryu's Steel Pro saw blades reduce spark production, last longer and cut 5-10 times faster than abrasives, drastically reducing down time due to blade changes. Steel Pro saw blades give a clean cutting edge and can outlast between 15 and 30 abrasive blades.

Tenryu puts a great deal of care in manufacturing their saw blades to ensure every blade is of the highest quality. See our article on making Tenryu Saw blades.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Warranty and our own 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will replace or refund immediately if you are unhappy with any purchase from us for any reason at any time. We will do all we can to help you with any problem you have. Most manufacturers will only replace a defective tool and they have to decide what defective means.

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