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HTC Tool coating options

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HTC Tool coating options

HTC Tool has 5 coating machines so that you can get just the right tool with very specific coating options to meet your needs.  The special coating on top of high quality tooling give even better tool life for specific applications.  See the Coating options below:



  TiN HTC-Progressive TiAIN HTC Hard Coat ZrN
Molecule TiN-Titanium   Nitride TiCN-Titanium   Carbo-Nitride TiAIN-Titanium   Alum-Nitride AITiN-Alum   Titanium Nitride ZrN-Zircronium   Nitride
Nanohardness (GPA) 24 32 32 38 20
Coefficient of Friction 0.55 0.2 0.6 0.7 0.4
Thermal Threshold 600   deg C 400   deg C 750   deg C 900   deg C 550   deg C
Color Gold Bronze Dark   Gray Black White-Gold
Description and Application Cutting,   forming, injection molding, tribological applications interrupted   cutting, milling and tapping, forming, stamping and punching drilling,   milling, reaming, turning, for stable finishing and roughing, for interrupted   cuts high   heat resistance, for dry high speed machining, hard machining reduces   build up edges when machining aluminum and titanium alloys

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