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We Buy Scrap Carbide

We'll buy your scrap carbide!

Looking to unload some of your scrap carbide?  We buy scrap carbide.  Payout for scrap carbide varies from time to time so call 800-346-8274 or email Emily at for a quote. 

Tips to remember when sending in Scrap Carbide:

  • Make sure you include your conatact information so we know who to send the check to. 
  • Pack it well!  Putting the scrap carbide in a durable bag or container before packaging it to send will help to ensure all the carbide makes it here.  Scrap carbide is very heavy, and when poured into a cardboard box, typically causes the box to tear or break open.  We want to make sure you get paid for every ounce of carbide you send, so make sure you pack it well so that it is not lost due to the box tearing while in transit.
  • Best way we know of for sending scrap carbide is by US Priority medium flat rate box.  You can useually get up to 50 or 60 pounds for a flat rate of $11.85.
  • Make sure you tape the box really well, especailly if you are not placing the scrap carbide in a bag or container first.
  • Do no use styrafoam peanuts as a filler with loose scrap carbide in the box.  The peanuts get crushed into tiny little pieces and mix with the carbide scrap.


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